How Temperature Affects Your Sleep

From politics to the crazy things that come out of our grandparents’ mouths, there are many things we wish we could control in

life. While there are a number of uncontrollable factors that affect sleep, luckily one of the most important ones is something we  can control: temperature.



Keep it cool. For a restful, uninterrupted sleep, your body should be anywhere from 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit.  If your body heats up too much during the night, you won’t be able to sleep well. Adjust the temperature in your bedroom to the cooler side, around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The Eight Sleep App lets you monitor this; it tells you the temperature of your bed and bedroom so you can adjust it accordingly.



Ditch the sleepy time socks since they increase body temperature to uncomfortable degrees. During the summer, the less clothes you wear, the better. If you’re not one to embrace the birthday suit, wear thin, cotton pajamas, preferably shorts and a tank top.  



If you’re a notorious bed sweater, it might not be your fault! Your bed could be the problem. Consider investing in a mattress that will help you stay cool at night. Eight’s innovative smart bed is designed to keep you cool. The reactive top layer of foam allows for optimal airflow and breathability, while the Active Grid dynamically cools to as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pillow and Sheets

Investing in thin, breathable cotton sheets will allow you to sleep through the night without sweating.  If you find you’re sleeping warm, your pillow could also be a culprit. Some memory foam pillows tend to trap heat, so consider investing in a more breathable one.

Staying cool will help you get your best slumber yet.

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