Ideal Bed Temperature

You probably know by now just how much the temperature of your room can impact your sleep, for better or for worse. What you might not know is that the temperature of your actual bed can make just as much of a difference for your sleep.

Bed temperature may be a major factor standing between you and a good night’s rest. Mattresses without proper airflow trap heat, leading to a night of tossing and turning. If the temperature of your bed has you sleeping too hot or sleeping too cool, it may be time to purchase a new mattress or bed topper.

But what is the ideal bed temperature? Like many other aspects of sleep, it’s different for everyone. If you’re constantly waking up sweating or freezing, your mattress composition might be to blame. Typically, more people report sleeping hot than sleeping cold. Mattresses, specifically memory foam beds, can cause people to sleep hot because the foam the beds are made of doesn’t contain enough air pockets. Even some foam mattresses with cooling gel can trap heat.

It’s important to remember that your bed is also a part of your bedroom environment. Most research suggests the temperature in your bedroom should be around 68 degrees, depending on your age. Therefore, the temperature of your bed should be similar to what room temperature you sleep best at. The ideal bed temperature is from 60-68 degrees and will change slightly as you age.

A majority of people report sleeping hot rather than cold, although there are certainly plenty of people who sleep cool. Waterbeds and innerspring beds without padding, for example, tend to cause people to sleep cool because there’s too much airflow.  Simply placing a memory foam topper or a heating pad on your mattress can help with your bed temperature regulation.

So how do you control bed temperature? A bed like the Eight Sleep Pod is an even better option because it allows you to regulate the temperature, both cooling and heating to keep you comfortable. Your bed can be temperature controlled with the Eight Sleep app or setup automatically based on your sleep patterns. When used in conjunction with a variety of smart devices, you can have total bedroom temperature control. Body temperature changes throughout the night, so a mattress that can heat up and cool down as the body goes through different sleep cycles will lead to a better night’s rest, guaranteed.

The Pod makes finding your ideal bed temperature easy. You can view your sleep data on the Eight Sleep app and see how your sleep changes as your body temperature changes throughout the night. 

With bed temperature control, a better night’s sleep is in the forecast.

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