SleepOS: World’s First Operating System for Sleep Optimization

Eight Sleep Pod SleepOS App

Meet SleepOS, the platform 
for personalized sleep optimization. Explore new features like Smart Temp Autopilot, Health Insights, and Weekly Reports from the new Home Screen. 

With the introduction of SleepOS we are ringing in a new era of sleep improvement, one where cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms personalize your Pod experience and guide you towards better Sleep Fitness. 

New features:

  • A new Home screen to guide your sleep fitness journey, featuring the most relevant insights, educational content, and tools, all personalized to match your profile and even the time of day that you’re in.

  • Smart Temp Autopilot, which automatically adjusts temperature based on your SleepOS profile, a personalized AI model trained on your history and preferences. 

  • A new feedback engine so you can rate Smart Temp Autopilot changes and continue to optimize your sleep experience.

  • New HRV insights that help you identify how you recover each night by spotting changes in how this key health metric is trending.

  • Design updates to Sleep Fitness Report, Health Report, and Content.

  • New Weekly Report with sleep and health metrics.

Read below to learn more about the new features.

All about SleepOS

SleepOS is the first software platform designed to personalize all aspects of sleep for optimal results. A proprietary platform developed by Eight Sleep, SleepOS powers the intelligence of all current and future Eight Sleep products by connecting the dots between the physical product, your sleeping environment, our proprietary backend algorithms, and the end-user experience in the mobile app. 

Since the launch of the Pod in 2019, we’ve been laser-focused on delivering the best sleep fitness experience on the market. Now SleepOS serves as a platform for the various hardware and software features we use to deliver personalized, intelligent sleep to every one of our users. By analyzing thousands of data points in real time, SleepOS enables dynamic, real-time changes that respond to tiny changes in your sleep or local environment.

Eight Sleep App Sleep OS Home

A new Home for your sleep fitness

SleepOS delivers a reimagined Pod experience conveniently accessible from the Eight Sleep App. It comes to life in a beautifully redesigned Home screen, with Smart Cards that present personalized  information at a glance based on the time of the day. This new home serves as a launch point for your sleep fitness journey.


Opening the App first thing in the morning? 

Find a summary of your Sleep Fitness Report and Health trends about your previous night, as well as an optional feedback survey that helps train your SleepOS profile.

Eight Sleep App - Morning Cards


Visiting the App mid-day? 

Check out your Sleep and Health data, learn about sleep with one of our articles, or try a breathing exercise guided by one of our Sleep Pros.

Eight Sleep App - SleepOS Content


Ready to go to bed? 

When you open the Eight Sleep app in the evening, your Temperature Dial will be immediately accessible to ensure you can adjust the temperature of the Pod seamlessly.

Eight Sleep Pod App - SleepOS Temperature Dial

No matter what you need to get sleep fit, the new Home screen intelligently surfaces the most relevant insights, educational content, and tools to help you make progress towards your sleep fitness goals.

The most advanced microclimate algorithm: Smart Temp Autopilot

With the launch of SleepOS, we are also upgrading our most groundbreaking software feature, Smart Temp, with a new Autopilot algorithm that automatically adjusts temperature based on each individual’s AI model. Smart Temp Autopilot adjusts based on personal sleep history with the Pod, past temperature preferences, historical and real-time bedroom temperature, historical and real-time local weather, plus user feedback and input over time. As any of these factors change, the Smart Temp Autopilot model learns, so it can adjust in real-time every night to keep the user at the perfect temperature. For example: if your room is 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit colder one night, Smart Temp Autopilot will automatically adjust the Pod temperature settings to be warmer, to the precise levels that fall within your range of comfort. 

Eight Sleep App SleepOS Autopilot

Smart Temp Autopilot leverages the capabilities of the Pod Pro’s sleep and biometric sensors which currently track key indicators of physical wellness such as Sleep Time, Deep Sleep, REM Sleep, Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability. 

Click here to learn more about how Smart Temp Autopilot works.

New, more powerful HRV Insights

With SleepOS, your individual Sleep and Health Reports take on new meaning thanks to a more powerful Insights function that delivers information regarding changes to your HRV. 

As SleepOS continues to evolve, it will deliver more insights across all the biometrics tracked by the Pod’s seamless sensors. 

Eight Sleep Pod App, SleepOS HRV Insights


SleepOS, Smart Temp Autopilot, and Insights are now available as a software update for all Pod products. Download the latest version of the Eight Sleep app to access.

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