Is A Foam Mattress Better Than A Spring Mattress?

Is a foam mattress better than a spring mattress? Are burgers better with ketchup or mustard? Are anchovies on pizza delicious or disgusting?  Are two food references in a mattress article too many?  The answer to all of these questions varies from person to person. There is no one standard, correct choice.

Mattress shopping can be overwhelming, and there are many questions to consider before purchasing. Eight is here to help. One of the most basic and important questions is whether you should invest in a mattress made with springs, foam, or something totally different. Deciding which mattress is best depends on many personal factors.  People are unique, and what type of bed works for one person might not be the best fit for another person.

While spring mattresses may have been the long time classic, foam mattresses like the Eight Smart Bed are quickly becoming the leading choice. 

Factors to Consider:




   -Back pain, neck pain, and/or arthritis

Read below to see the benefits of sleeping on a multi-layer foam mattress like the Eight foam mattress versus sleeping on a mattress with springs.

Spring Mattress 

-Transfers movement easily

-Provide breathability

-Attracts more dust mites

-Typically cheaper, but the cheap ones are poor in quality

-Provides support

-More likely to sag

-More likely to attract dust mites

Foam Mattress

-Does not easily transfer movement, ideal if you are sleeping with a partner who tosses and turns during the night

-Provides proper posture support

-Contours to your body, good for all body masses

-Provides pressure relief, ideal for people with pressure points and older people with joint pain

-Does not attract dust mites

-Evenly distributes body weight which allows for increased blood flow

Hybrid Mattress

-Improved airflow making it more breathable

-Pressure relieving while still having bounce

-Ideal for sufferers of back pain and those with a heavier body mass

-Does not attract dust mites since the coils are boxed within foam

-Does not easily transfer movement

To ensure you get the best quality sleep, all the above factors must be taken into account. Overall, foam mattresses are better than innerspring, but deciding between a hybrid and a foam mattress is a personal decision. 

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