Snoozing While You Tan… Is it Safe to Sleep in the Sun?

Summertime means rest, relaxation, and maybe some refreshing wine coolers. After some fun in the sun, you may find yourself starting to doze off in your favorite lawn chair or on the beach while tanning. But how safe is it to fall asleep in the sun?

From a sleep point of view, there are many benefits of naps. They can relax you and give you more energy. But staying in the sun too long can leave you feeling tired, taking away many benefits of napping.  

If you’re going to be out in the sun anyway, it’s fine to take a short nap as long as you have a person or alarm to wake you up so you don’t sleep too long and burn.  Normally, the ideal nap should be 15-35 minutes or a full 90 minutes. Otherwise, you’ll wake up feeling groggy. But your sun siesta should not last longer than a half hour. Why?  Laying in the sun can cause dehydration, and going over an hour without water in the hot sun can be unsafe. You should also check every half hour to see if you need to apply more sunscreen. Take it from someone who has woken up looking like a tomato too many times: always apply sunscreen that is at least 20 SPF before you nap.

Remember that UV rays are highest from 10am-4pm, and the sun gets harsher throughout the day. So an early morning nap or a sunset snooze are best. Be sure to wear sunglasses or put a shirt or towel over your face to protect your eyes from the sun as well.

Nap smart and safely this summer by following these tips.

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