Pink Noise vs White Noise: Which is the Superior Sleep Aid?

Noise-induced sleep interruptions can cause fragmented sleep, resulting in grogginess and fatigue the next day. These noises can be caused by a multitude of factors such as a snoring partner, pets in the home, or noisy neighbors. To help filter out these unwanted sounds, playing pink noise while you sleep can help. Pink noise offers the same noise-filtering benefits as white noise, but pink noise is gentler, with lower frequencies that help you get a good night’s rest. 

To understand pink noise, it’s helpful to remember what white noise is and why it’s often used as a sleep aid. White noise is a constant emission of noise across all hearable frequencies that sounds similar to radio static. Because it masks ambient sounds that would otherwise disrupt sleep (car engines, sniffling partners etc.), white noise can help some stay asleep. Pink noise offers that exact same benefit, but may work even better for some sleepers.

Pink noise is similar to white noise, however the highest frequencies in the soundscape are lower in intensity, producing a sound closer to steady rain or wind. Many find the sound of pink noise more pleasing; it’s often described as a gentler version of white noise.

Studies have also shown that playing pink noise during sleep may offer long term benefits such as improved memory recall and enhanced deep sleep for those with mild cognitive impairments. 

While you may not be able to control the disruptive noises in your environment, the newest pink noise soundscape can help you drown out these background sounds. Allowing you to sleep deeper, without interruption. 

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