Peer-reviewed research paper reveals the Eight Sleep Pod improves sleep

With the knowledge that sleep is fundamental to a person’s overall health, Eight Sleep is dedicated to helping our members achieve high-quality sleep. In the first research study of its kind, our R&D team explored the impact of the Pod on sleep quality and cardiovascular recovery in 54 participants with more than 300 nights of home sleep test (HST) device data. Participants slept for one week with Pod temperatures off (Pod OFF), followed by one week with Pod temperatures on (Pod ON), and a final two nights with Pod OFF.

The findings of this study have been submitted for peer-review publication, and the preprint can be read here

Sleeping on the Pod improved sleep and health metrics

The study revealed several exciting findings regarding the Pod’s impact, including: 

  • Increased deep, light, and REM sleep With the Pod ON, men’s deep and light sleep increased by 14 min (+22%) in the first half of the night, and light sleep by 23 min (+19%) in the second half of the night.  Women’s REM sleep increased by 9 min (+25%) in the first half of the night.
  • Enhanced cardiovascular recovery With Pod ON, participants saw cardiovascular changes of the magnitude you would expect with 12 weeks of exercise training. Average HR decreased by 2%, and average HRV increased by 7%. 
  • Improved perception of sleep quality Participants reported their sleep was significantly calmer, more comfortable, and that it was easier to fall asleep with the Pod ON vs. OFF.

The Pod increased deep, light, and REM sleep

The Pod was found to modify sleep stages at specific points during the night. See some highlights below:

*indicates statistical significance p<0.05;** indicates trend towards significance p<0.07.

The Pod enhanced cardiovascular recovery

Using the Pod had a positive impact on cardiovascular recovery during sleep for both men and women:

  • On average, participants experienced a statistically significant decrease with Pod ON of approximately 1 beats per minute (bpm) in HR, corresponding to a 2% decrease on average, with up to a 13% decrease in sleeping HR. 
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) significantly increased by an average of 7% with Pod ON, with up to a 17% improvement in HRV.

These cardiovascular improvements were transient and specifically induced by the Pod since they disappeared when participants turned off the Pod at the end of the study. Notably, these positive changes in HR and HRV were unrelated to changes in exercise, as there were no significant changes in exercise habits throughout the study.

The Pod improved reported comfort and sleep quality 

Participants reported statistically significant improvements in improved sleep quality and thermal comfort when sleeping with Pod ON.

Each participant was given a daily survey through the 16-day period, as well as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire, which we administered before and after one week of sleeping with the Pod

*indicates statistical significance p<0.05

A promising path forward

This study sheds light on the incredible benefits of the Pod in improving sleep quality and cardiovascular recovery. By modifying sleep stages, enhancing thermal comfort, and positively impacting HR and HRV, the Pod offers a promising solution for those seeking a better night’s sleep. 

We have already incorporated these groundbreaking findings into the most recent Autopilot updates so that your Pod is always on the cutting edge of the latest research. As always, we will continue to innovate and improve the sleep experience for our valued customers.

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that this study was conducted on a specific group of participants, and individual experiences on the Pod may vary.

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