Sleep 101: Hotel Stay


Welcome to a night on the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep. The Pod Pro is the most advanced sleep fitness technology in the market.. It pairs dynamic cooling and heating with biometric tracking to help you get the best night of sleep.

Continue reading for tips on making the most out of the Pod Pro tonight.

Step 1: Getting to know the Pod Pro

The Pod Pro adds seamless technology to the top of any mattress. While you sleep, the Pod Pro tracks your sleep metrics via sensors within. These metrics include Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time. It then uses this information to personalize the microclimate on each side of the bed throughout the night.

Step 2: Setting your Pod temperature

Using the Eight Sleep App, select the side of the bed you will be sleeping on. If you are sleeping solo, you are able to set the entire bed for you…

After your side has been picked, you can choose your temperature preferences. You can either choose to sleep cold, cool, neutral, warm, or hot. 

If you are sleeping with a partner, each of you can define temperature settings for your side of the bed.

Step 3: Setting your wake up experience

The Pod Pro offers a proprietary Gentle Rise wake up. It uses a gentle vibration to aid you in waking up refreshed each morning. To experience Gentle Rise, set your bedtime and wake up time within the Eight Sleep app, and choose whether you want to use vibration to wake up as well.

Step 4: Explore your sleep report in app

Each morning, the Pod Pro prepares a Sleep Fitness report The report can be found in the Eight Sleep app, and includes all your metrics such as Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time from the night before and as well as a personalized Sleep Fitness Score.

Wondering what your Sleep Fitness Score means and how it was calculated? Read more here to find out.

Data and privacy

To ensure all your data is secure, the Pod will reset your data every morning unless you select the option in the app that you are staying for another night. You must tell the app you are staying another night by 11am in order to keep the data for another night. 

Now that you have started your sleep fitness journey, you can take advantage of all the helpful resources the Eight Sleep App offers. 

In Eight Sleep App, there is a library of helpful resources such as Sleep Coaching, mediation, and more. Mediations and white noise can be used to help you clear your mind as you fall asleep, to ensure a faster sleep onset time. 

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