Sleep Differences Between Men and Women

You and your partner may share the same bed, opinions, and tv preferences, but if you’re in a heterosexual relationship, you likely don’t share the same sleeping patterns. There are countless ways men and women differ, including the way they sleep.





According to,

-Women need more sleep, about 20 minutes more than men. Women use more mental energy daily, so they need more time for their brains to regenerate

-Approximately 15% of women report having sleep troubles

-Menopause, pregnancy, and menstrual cycles make it harder for women to sleep

-Women experience insomnia at double to triple the rate of men

-Women’s circadian cycle is 6 minutes shorter than men’s on average

-Because of their shorter circadian cycles, women typically go to bed and wake up earlier


-About 8% of men report having troubles sleeping

-More men suffer from sleep apnea than women

-Men report higher sleep satisfaction

Believe it or not, men and women even dream differently. Men dream more often than women. Dreams occur during REM sleep, and women who ovulate often have trouble sleeping. Since women experience less REM sleep, they experience less dreams. 

In general, women experience more issues with sleep than men. Learn more about the way men and women sleep in Eight’s recent study.

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