Smart Mattress Vs. Standard Mattress

Each year brings new types of “smart” technology. Smart means something different for each product, and it can sometimes be confusing to keep track of just what makes the new product so smart. Smart mattresses are without a doubt an improvement from standard mattresses, but what exactly are the differences?

Standard Mattress

A standard mattress is what you grew up sleeping on. Standard mattresses can be foam, spring, or a hybrid of both; they contain no technology. A typical mattress is not personalized to your sleep habits and is designed simply as a place to sleep.  A normal mattress offers no way of knowing if and how your sleep changes. If you want to track you sleep on a standard mattress, you either have to cuddle up next to your smartphone or wear an uncomfortable sleep tracking bracelet to bed.

Smart Mattress

A smart mattress, also known as a smart bed, has technology that tracks your sleep. They offer many benefits that standard mattresses lack. For example, smart mattresses automatically track your sleeping habits every night without you having to charge a device or sleep with another piece of technology. This sleep tracking provides you with the data you need for sleep improvement. Tracking your sleep tells you how many hours of sleep each night is ideal for you. This helps lead to better overall health since the right amount of sleep is crucial to function at the best of our abilities.

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Smart mattresses manage aspects of your sleep that standard mattresses cannot. For example, the temperature of your smart mattress can be set so you climb into a warm, cozy bed each night. Want to lower the lights an hour before bed? Smart mattresses can also connect to your other smart devices such as Hue lighting, Nest thermostats, and smart coffeemakers. When connected with an app, your smart mattress can also sense what stage of sleep you are in and wake you up during your lightest stage within a half hour of your alarm. These integrations help lead to a smoother sleep experience overall.

Ultimately, the difference between a smart mattress and a standard mattress is the ability of smart mattresses to treat sleep as an experience unique to each individual. Smart mattresses help to improve the quality of your sleep by providing you with nightly data without you having to do a thing besides open an app. Switching to a smart mattress is the smart choice for better sleep.

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