Fall asleep up to 32% faster with Smart Temp 2.0

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According to research from the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans struggle with sleep, with temperature being one of the root causes of poor quality sleep. Sleeping too hot can delay sleep onset by impeding drops in core and brain temperatures required for sleep in addition to causing interruptions like tosses and turns and wake ups. 

Today we are excited to introduce Smart Temp 2.0, the only way to identify the sleeping temperature that’s right for you. 

Harnessing the power of more than 73 million hours of aggregated sleep data, Smart Temp 2.0 is the most advanced algorithm for sleep improvement. By analyzing your personal sleep data and that of different gender and age groups, Smart Temp 2.0 recommends to you the most optimal temperature settings to help you fall asleep faster. Your personal recommendations are available in the Eight Sleep app, and they are adjusted even as the seasons change.

In a recent beta test with 80 sleepers, this feature helped users fall asleep up to 32% faster.

Download the latest version of the Eight Sleep app to access Smart Temp 2.0, available exclusively with the Pod. 

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