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Eight Sleep App Smart Temp Autopilot

One of the biggest culprits of poor sleep is the wrong sleeping temperature. The body follows a circadian rhythm that adjusts the internal temperature when it’s time for bed: generally body temperature decreases to help you fall asleep, and drops even further into the first phase of deep sleep. However, the temperature in most bedrooms and beds don’t adjust along with what your body needs. That can lead to less deep sleep — and plenty of wake-ups. 

We developed the Pod’s proprietary Temperature Schedule to deal with temperature as a disruptor of sleep. Because each person has their own specific preferences for a good night’s sleep, throughout the night, the Pod’s temperature can cool down and warm up each side of the bed to adjust to what your body needs to sleep comfortably all night. 

Over time, as you sleep on the Pod you’ll notice an improved quality of sleep when you have your body temperature regulated automatically.

Now, thanks to our new SleepOS platform, your Temperature Schedule has been upgraded with an Autopilot algorithm that takes the experience to the next level.

It starts with your SleepOS profile

SleepOS creates a profile of you as a sleeper, taking into account various factors that help the Pod identify what’s best for you:

  • Personal sleep history with the Pod

  • Past temperature preferences

  • Historical and real-time bedroom temperature

  • Historical and real-time local weather

  • Plus, user feedback and input overtime

Autopilot looks at all of these factors and automatically adjusts your Pod’s temperature to help you get better sleep. 

As any of these factors change, Autopilot learns, so it can adjust as needed to keep the user at the perfect temperature. For example: if your room is 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit colder one night, Autopilot will automatically adjust the Pod’s temperature settings to be warmer, to the precise levels that fall within your range of comfort. 

Train your own microclimate algorithm

Autopilot leverages the capabilities of the Pod Pro’s sleep and biometric sensors which currently track key indicators of physical wellness such as Sleep Time, Deep Sleep, REM Sleep, Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability. 

To ensure Autopilot learns more about your needs, we also designed a new feedback engine so you can rate the changes and continue to optimize your sleep experience.

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