Take your membership to its full potential

As an Eight Sleep member, you gain access to the Pod at its maximum intelligence. We know each sleep journey is unique, and the membership features work harmoniously to give you the best sleep experience possible, every night.

With Eight Sleep membership, your Pod will be able to

  • Make automatic temperature adjustments based on your preferences, health, and sleep habits
  • Deliver ongoing insights about your sleep to show your progress 
  • Gently wake you with a vibration and thermal alarm 
  • Maintain sleep profiles for both you and your partner

Automatic temperature adjustments to help you sleep cooler (or warmer)

Why wake up to adjust your temperature dial when the Pod can do it for you? 

The Pod will prepare your bed to your preferred temperature before bedtime. Once you are asleep, the Pod will automatically adjust temperature to cool down or warm up your bed based on your sleep history, personal preferences and external factors. 

Continuous adjustments based on:

  • Personal sleep history with the Pod
  • Past temperature preferences
  • Sleep stages
  • Historical and real-time bedroom temperature
  • Historical and real-time local weather

Sleep and health insights daily, weekly and beyond

The Pod will track your sleep and health metrics for each side of the bed including sleep stages, sleep time, heart rate, and HRV. This information is used by the Pod to make continuous, automatic adjustments to keep you asleep and is accessible in the app every morning. 

By tracking your sleep and health metrics through seamless sensors, the Pod learns about your patterns over time. If any of your health trends go off track, the Pod will notify you and suggest advice on how to get back on track. 

[Heart rate] [HRV] [Sleep cycles] [Respiratory rate] [Tosses and turns] [Sleep duration]

Vibration and thermal alarm to wake up fresh everyday

Silently wake up with chest-level vibration and a gradual thermal change, so you don’t wake your partner. The intensity of the vibration alarm can be adjusted and you can choose to wake up warmer or cooler.

One membership for you and your partner

Share your membership with your partner. One Eight Sleep membership provides the full benefits for both you and your partner so you can both sleep better every night.

5-year extended warranty

For up to 5 years following your initial purchase date, we will replace or repair your Pod when the damage is the result of a defect in material or workmanship as long as you purchased through this site and have The Membership Plus plan active (terms apply*).

*Only included with Plus plan


What if I don’t renew my membership?

If you unsubscribe, you will only have access to manual temperature control and the Pod will not make automatic or scheduled temperature adjustments throughout the night. With manual temperature control only, you will only be able to set your Pod to one static temperature setting during the night, versus continuous changes that work with your body’s natural cycles and help you sleep better. 

You will also lose access to sleep and health reports (though your historical data can be downloaded) and the vibration and thermal alarm that wakes you up gently each morning. 

Additionally, you will no longer have access to our member shop discounts that include accessories and product upgrades.

If I have a Pod but want to upgrade or buy a new one, do I need an additional membership?

No, if you already have an existing membership you do not need to pay for another membership. You can purchase a new Pod through the Member Shop or contact us at [email protected]

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