The Easiest Ways To Clean Your Mattress

Most of us are probably aware by now that our beds should only be used for sleeping and love making. In reality, a lot of life happens on the mattress, from beauty rituals, to Wine Wednesdays, to natural bodily functions. And life can be messy.

That’s why we compiled a list of some common mattress stains and how to remove them. For most of these stains (except nail polish), you can start by trying to remove the stain with soap and water. However, that may only weaken the stain. To get rid of stains for good, try these home remedies.  Keep in mind that it’s always best to treat stains as soon as possible since this increases the likelihood of removing them.

Nail Polish

There’s no doubt that mattresses make some of the most comfortable places to paint your nails. But sooner or later your nail polish is bound to spill, and the smell of nail polish doesn’t exactly provide a calming aroma for sleep. If the spill seeps into your mattress:

  1. Blot it with a paper towel to remove as much as possible.
  2. Using a cotton swab or cotton ball, apply nail polish remover to the stained area.
  3. Use a new paper towel to blot the nail polish remover until it’s dry.
  4. Pour a little water onto the area with the nail polish remover to get it out.
  5. Add a spoonful of laundry detergent to ensure the smell goes away.
  6. Wipe the area with a wet washcloth or sponge.
  7. Pat it dry.


    Whether it’s from an untrained puppy, child, or the unfortunate result of a bad nightmare, pee happens. Here’s how to remove it:

    1. If it’s a new stain, first blot it up as much as possible with a paper towel.
    1. To get out the smell or any older stain, mix a couple spoonfuls of laundry detergent with warm water.
    2. Using an old washcloth or paper towel, apply the mixture to the stain.
    3. Using a new cloth,  blot the area dry.
    4. To eliminate the smell, put baking soda over the whole mattress and leave it out to dry for a day. (If you have nowhere else to sleep for the night, remove the baking soda after a few hours.)
    5. The next day, remove the baking soda using a handheld vacuum or attachment.
    6. If you can, set your mattress up by an open window to allow air to pass through your mattress for a few more hours.


    For women who menstruate and anyone who has shared a bed with them, blood stains on the bed are always a possibility. It’s natural, but it’s also super annoying.

    First, try patting the stain with a cold, wet washcloth and then patting it dry. If that doesn’t remove the blood, and it’s still a fresh stain:

    1. Mix cold water with 2 teaspoons of salt.
    2. Dip a washcloth into your saltwater solution.
    3. Blot it onto the stain.
    4. Blot the area dry so the solution works its way into the stain.
    5. Dip a new washcloth into cold water and wipe away any remaining solution.
    6.  Blot the area dry.


    If it’s an older, set-in bloodstain you just noticed:

    1. Mix 1 tablespoon of meat tenderizer with 2 teaspoons of cold water to make a paste.
    2. Using your finger, rub the paste into the stain.
    3. Let sit for 1 hour.
    4. Place a washcloth in cold water and rub off the extra paste.
    5. Pat dry with a new washcloth or towel.


    Who hasn’t had a nightcap from the comfort of their own bed? After that second glass, your motor skills aren’t as sharp as they were, and you may find yourself with a spill on your hands.

    Dilute, dilute, dilute! For red wine especially, adding water to the affected area as soon as possible weakens the appearance of the stain. If your stain is fresh,

    1. Pour a spoonful of Club Soda on the spill and rub it in.
    2. Pour salt on the stain and let it sit as long as possible. The salt absorbs the wet wine.
    3. Using a vacuum, remove the salt.


    If it’s an older, stubborn spot*,

    1. Put on a pair of gloves
    2. Pour some Hydrogen Peroxide on the affected area
    3. Allow time for dying

    *This method will remove red wine stains, but it could cause slight discoloration of your mattress.

    Remember: Always make sure to dry the stained area completely to prevent mattress mold and odor.

    If worst comes to worst and these home remedies do not eliminate the stain to your liking, consider hiring a professional stain removal service. It might be well worth the money if the only other option is to get an entirely new mattress. If your mattress is stained beyond repair, it may be time to consider replacing it. Check out our Eight Mattresses here.

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