The Sleep Trackers That You Should Know About

So you’ve decided you want to track your sleep. But with so many options, choosing the right sleep tracker can be difficult. There are four major different types of sleep trackers to choose from. Check out the descriptions and pros and cons of each below to find the best fit for you.


There are a number of sleep tracking apps out there. Sleep Cycle is one such sleep app that is highly rated by users. You place your phone very near or in your bed, and turn on the app to track your sleep.


  • Also a smart alarm that wakes you up during your lightest phase of sleep within a half hour of your alarm
  • Inexpensive, Sleep Cycle is only $1
  • You don’t have to wear anything
  • Many apps like Sleep Cycle work with Android or iOS


    • Only tracks your individual sleep
    • Must sleep with your phone in or near your bed which has been proven unsafe
    • Apps only track based on movement, not heart and respiratory rate, so they are not very accurate in detecting sleep

      Online coaching

      Online sleep coaching like Sleepio is a highly personalized method to improve sleep. With online coaching, you are given ways by a virtual sleep professor to improve your sleep. However, Sleepio does not actually track your sleep.


      • You can connect with other people who are or were trying to better their sleep habits and find support in the anonymous community.
      • Provides you with personalized tools each week for better sleep
      • Can be paired with many different devices


      • Does not actually track sleep unless paired with a Fitbit or an actual sleep tracking app
      • Must devote 20 minutes a week to learning about your sleep online
      • $300 for a year trial is a bit pricey


      Non-wearable sleep trackers like Eight have many benefits. A smart mattress pad fits over any mattress to track your sleep. The bed technology consists of piezo sensors that provide accurate, detailed sleep data. Unlike other sleep trackers, Eight offers many connected features beyond simply tracking your sleep to improve the sleep experience.


      • Don’t have to wear or charge anything
      • Don’t have to sleep with your phone in your bed
      • Can track the sleep patterns of both you and a partner
      • Also has a smart alarm
      • Warms bed individually on each side
      • Connects with other smart devices in your home like Hue Lights and WeMo coffeemakers
      • The Eight app is compatible with iOS and Android


      • Not suitable for traveling


      Wearable sleep trackers like the highly rated Fitbit serve as more than just a sleep tracker.


      • Relatively affordable
      • Tracks sleep as well as your steps,activities, etc.


      • Only tracks your individual sleep
      • Not very accurate since it mainly detects arm movement versus non-wearables which track entire body movement
      • Must be worn all the time. And who wants that tan line?
      • Needs to be charged
      • Uncomfortable to wear to bed
      • You have to remember to set it to sleep mode every night


      Your sleep habits are unique to you, and your sleep tracker should be too. Still not sure which one is right for you? Eight is one of the few sleep trackers to offer a 30 night trial. Try it today!

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