What Is A Smart Mattress?

From cars to phones, the things we use most when we’re awake are being made smarter to help make our lives easier. Considering we spend about a third of our life asleep, it makes sense that our beds should be smarter too. There are a few different types of beds that utilize technology, but what exactly is a smart mattress?

The function of smart mattresses is to essentially to help you sleep better. A smart mattress leverages technology to understand what you need to get your best rest. The first thing a smart mattress does is track your sleep seamlessly, eliminating the need to wear a clunky bracelet to bed or sleep with your phone. All smart mattresses require to track your sleep is for you to rest. Smart beds collect sleep data without you having to do a thing. To access the data, you simply open an app and discover your personal sleep information.

By helping you understand your sleep, smart mattresses will guide you to better sleep and as a consequence improve health.

However, not all smart mattresses are the same. Certain mattresses are smarter than others. Some self proclaimed smart mattresses for example only adjust the pressure of the mattress, while other smart mattresses can only raise or lower certain areas of the bed for an adjusted form. Then there are mattresses that do more than that, using real time data to adjust your environment to fit your needs while you are sleeping and make sure nothing interrupts a good REM.

Eight is the first truly smart mattress that can adjust the temperature of the bed on each side before you even get in bed, detect when you are in light sleep to wake you up, and connect with other smart devices to make life easier for you. Eight’s technology consists of piezo sensors in a cover that goes over your bed.

So why should you try a smart mattress? Personalizing sleep is the next big step in sleep improvement. For decades, beds have been made with a “one type fits all” mentality. In reality, we all have different sleep needs. A smart mattress will tell you when your sleep changes for better or worse so you can rest well and awake refreshed.

A true smart mattress approaches sleep as an experience and connects your waking hours with hours spent asleep through technology.  Through viewing this data on an app, you can figure out how certain activities may affect sleep and ultimately sleep smarter.

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