Why Do We Feel So Tired On Mondays?

There’s a reason why Monday mornings have such a bad rap, and it all has to do with your body’s clock. 

The weekend may be fun and relaxing, but it can wreak havoc on your sleep. Staying up later and sleeping in until noon disrupts your sleep schedule and throws your internal clock off. This makes it much harder to fall asleep on Sunday night, which then gives you a case of the “Monday Blues.” According to a recent survey by Yougov on behalf of Calm.com, of 4,279 Americans and Brits polled online in 2017, a full 23% reported that Sunday night was the most difficult night to fall asleep. 

Sunday night insomnia is actually due to jet lag, or what experts are calling “social jet lag.” When you’ve been going to bed and waking up at different hours than usual, your body just can’t adjust properly. You eat on a different schedule on the weekends, exercise differently, and get light exposure later — all of this delays the circadian rhythm. 

To get back on track, here are some tips to make Monday morning great again: 

1. Get a good night’s sleep each night during the week: You don’t want to head into the weekend feeling sleep deprived. If you get a solid 7-8 hours each night during the week, a weekend deficit will be easier to handle. 

2. Avoid sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays: This one may be tough, but you’ll thank us later. If you wake up at the same time every day, including weekends, you will become a much better sleeper. 

3. Take a short nap: If you stayed out ’til 3 AM, you’ll probably require a nap. The key is to nap before 2 PM and limit it to 20-30 minutes so it won’t mess with your sleep at night. 

4. Soak up the sun: Get us much sun as possible in the morning. If the weather permits, go outside. If not, open your curtains or eat breakfast by the window. Light helps keep your circadian rhythm in check and it lowers melatonin levels. Being more awake and alert during the day will help you feel tired come nighttime. 

5. Choose one night for booze: As you know, alcohol negatively affects sleep, so try and limit your intake on the weekends. If you want to party, choose one night of the weekend instead of both. Friday nights are probably better so that you get all of Saturday and Sunday to recover. 

6. Reduce anxiety: Another reason for Sunday night sleeping troubles is workweek anxieties. Whether you’re worrying about that meeting with your boss or that big deal you have to close, work can be extremely stressful. Try to write down everything you have to that week on a piece of paper before going to bed. This way, these intrusive thoughts won’t be bothering you while you’re trying to fall asleep. 

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