Why You Can’t Sleep Late Anymore

It’s finally the weekend, and the thing you’re looking forward to the most isn’t the night out with friends, the days off of work, or even the Friday night special at your favorite bar. You’re most excited to finally sleep in.

Even though many of us want to sleep in on days off, as we grow older we find that we can’t. So what gives?

As we get older, we need less sleep. Infants sleep considerably more than those middle aged and above; it’s only natural. Most adults only need 8 hours of sleep a night. Trying to force your body to sleep in past those 8 hours doesn’t usually work too well.

What’s more, even if you don’t set an alarm, your body acts as a natural alarm clock. Our bodies get accustomed to waking up at the same time during the week for those of us who have 9-5 jobs, and our body’s internal clock does not differentiate between weekends and weekdays.

It can be frustrating to naturally wake up early on weekends and holidays, but it’s actually a good thing.You may not be able to clock extra hours of weekend sleep, but the bright side is once your body gets used to a routine, it makes it easier to wake up early in the mornings. Your body is no longer fighting with you to make that 9am meeting, so be thankful.

We all have weekend projects waiting to get done, so take advantage of those extra hours in the morning!

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