Why You Should Be Tracking Your Sleep

Whether you’re a busy parent and/or an overworked college student, chances are you could use a better night’s sleep. Luckily, sleep trackers can help. From improved sleep to better health, there are plenty of reasons you should be tracking your slumber.

One of the biggest benefits of using a sleep tracker is that it will track your individual patterns to understand your lifestyle and sleep.  You can personalize homes, phones, and clothes, so why not personalize your sleep?  Sleep tracking can show you how to get your best sleep.

The amount of hours needed per night is not the same for everyone. Tracking your sleep shows you the ideal number of hours you personally need each night.

Not sure the cause of your sleep problems? Another advantage of sleep tracking is discovering the reasons behind sleep related issues. Using a sleep tracker lets you skip going to a sleep lab and discover your sleep data in the comfort of your own bed. The data is accurate and readily available.

A further benefit of sleep tracking is that it can lead to positive change. Humans are more likely to change habits when they track them. Writing about your sleep in a sleep journal is time consuming. Luckily, sleep trackers show you your sleep patterns so you can improve your sleep.

Tracking your sleep also lets you wake up at the right time. A number of sleep trackers, like the bed technology Eight uses, wake you up with a smart alarm during your lightest period of sleep and within a half hour of when you set your alarm. You avoid waking up groggy and in a bad mood and are instead rested and ready from the very start. This allows you to be more productive throughout the day.

Sleep trackers can also connect your daytime activities to sleep so you learn what is best for you to get a good night’s rest.

Furthermore, sleep tracking provides you with objective facts. Research has shown that some people over or underestimate the amount of sleep they actually get a night; this can be harmful to their overall health.

Tracking your sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. Start tracking today with Eight’s sleep tracker if you aren’t already! Your body will thank you.

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