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Experience the Pod, the only mattress that keeps you cool all night long.

Senses and responds to create a cool microclimate

80% of Americans suffer from temperature issues during sleep. The Pod is the only mattress with the technology to cool you down as low as 55°.

It really cools, and stays cool

The Pod’s hydro-cooling technology can heat and cool each side of the bed from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit — keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night.

Senses what your body needs

The Pod features multiple embedded sensors that monitor whether you’ve fallen asleep or woken up. It also features new environment sensors, measuring room temperature, humidity, and local weather to react intelligently.

Adjusts to keep you comfortable

With its Smart Temp technology, the Pod continuously and automatically adjusts the temperature of each bed side based on signals from your body and environment.

Different temperatures on each side of the bed

No more blanket hogging or fights over the thermostat. With the Pod, you can choose between 55 and 110°F on each side of the bed so you can both create the microclimate that you need to get your best sleep. Just set your options in the Eight Sleep app.

And whether you share bedtimes or not, the Pod will turn on and off based on your individual schedules.

Two Zones
55 to 110°F

How the Pod Pro works

The second-generation Pod retains vital features of the original and award-winning Pod. Featuring new hardware and software, it enhances sleep quality through better data, greater personalization, and improved comfort.

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The Active Grid cover with Comfort Blend™

Water flows from the Hub to this thin and contouring layer to keep you at your ideal temperature. It also includes the sensors that track your biometrics and an integrated layer of foam for superior comfort.

The Hub

Water flows through the Hub's hydro-engines to the Active Grid to keep the bed as warm or cool as you desire. Fits next to your night stand. Refill with water every 2-3 months.

The App

Control the Pod’s settings and access your sleep reports and insights. Use the app remotely to set the Pod temperature for you and your partner from anywhere in the world. Available for iOS and Android.


Wake up refreshed with GentleRise™ Technology

The Pod Pro features a proprietary smart alarm. This first of its kind wake-up experience uses gentle vibration at chest level to wake you up while gradually cooling or warming the bed to ensure a smooth morning experience with no disruption to your partner.

Set it and control it from the Eight Sleep app.


Comfort Blend™ for support you'll love

Pod Pro features an additional layer of foam in its Active Grid —the thermoregulating layer of the bed. Like a premium topper, the integrated Comfort Blend™ pairs with the other four layers of premium foam for the ultimate contouring support while continuing to deliver a personalized microclimate on each side of the bed.

Exploded view of Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress showing layers


Track your body's
recovery with HRV

With twice as many sensors as the original Pod, the Pod Pro is the first mattress with built-in HRV monitoring, alongside other biometrics such as Resting Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Stages, and Sleep Time. HRV variations can help you track your health to understand your body's fatigue level and anticipate illness.

Get a Daily Health Check

The Pod's free app lets you access personal health and sleep reports, plus sleep coaching.


Your biometrics

Gain a window into your health with the Pod Pro's daily health report which features key metrics and analysis of your Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate, HRV, all indicators of your physical wellness.

Your sleep

The Pod replaces wearables like watches and rings, seamlessly tracking the sleep of up to two people in the same bed. Monitor key metrics like sleep time, REM and deep sleep, and tosses and turns. Nothing to wear or charge.

Eight sleep app screenshot showing health tracking report

It actually cools to keep you comfortable

Sleeping cool is one of the best ways to improve sleep quality. While other brands use breathable foams and cooling gels, the Pod is the only mattress with patented, hydropowered technology that cools down to as low as 55° F.

Cold mattress
Pod Pro Mattress

The Pod’s Hub circulates water through the Active Grid Layer to keep your body cool and comfortable. Biosensing technology responds to your body’s feedback to keep you at the optimal temperature.

*Disclaimer: Images shown approximate thermal camera view of a traditional mattress after 8 hours of sleep vs. The Pod Pro from Eightsleep
Hot mattress
Traditional Mattress

Over the course of the night, traditional mattresses retain heat and radiate it back to your body. This simple fact is why 80% of Americans* report sleeping too hot.

*Disclaimer: Images shown approximate thermal camera view of a traditional mattress after 8 hours of sleep vs. The Pod Pro from Eightsleep

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