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  • Up to34%More Deep Sleep*
  • Up to32%Improved Sleep Quality*
  • Up to19%Increase in Recovery*
Ph.D., Neuroscientist and host of Huberman Lab

“By using Eight Sleep, I'm best able to experience a complete, deep and full night's sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.”

Andrew Huberman

Ph.D., Neuroscientist and host of Huberman Lab

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11:00pm Bedtime
3:00am Deep Phase
7:00am Wake Up
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Climb into bed, already set at your perfect temperature

The Pod automatically heats or cools before your bedtime so you get into bed comfortably and fall asleep faster. If you sleep with a partner, their side will automatically set to their temperature preferences as well.

Sleep deeper while the Pod adjusts to your optimal temperature

With Temperature Autopilot, the Pod adjusts your sleeping temperature to your individual patterns, supporting the flow of each sleep cycle to maximize recovery. Temperature on each side of the bed can range from as low as 55℉ to as high as 110℉.

Wake up with a gentle vibration, and more energy

Let GentleRise wake you up with a gradual temperature change and a subtle, chest-level vibration on your side of the Pod. No more harsh sounds or disturbing your partner.

Track your sleep and health metrics, with no wearable required

Monitor your sleep and health metrics, including sleep stages, HRV, heart rate, and respiratory rate. No wearable required. No sacrifice to comfort. Monitoring your health has never been so easy.

It’s not magic.
But it feels like it.

Technology designed to improve your sleep, without any extra work for you

Heart Rate
Respiratory Rate
Time Slept
Sleep Stages

Transform your sleep in five easy steps

Premium mattress base
Step 1

Start with a premium mattress base (or your own)

The premium 5-layer Pod 3 Mattress includes ultimate back support, pressure point relief, and unmatched comfort that perfectly pairs with the Pod technology. Alternatively, with the Pod 3 Cover, add the Pod technology to any existing mattress.

Designed to work together, from topper to base

Every foam layer of the Pod Mattress is designed to work with the imperceptible technology layer and ComfortBlend topper to create the ideal medium-firm mattress.

Spinal support iconMedium firmness with spinal support
Spinal support iconPressure relieving materials
Spinal support iconDual-zone cooling & heating
Spinal support iconMaxChill layer*
*Only available with Pod Mattress with MaxChill
Mattress Layers
1” Comfort Blend™
Active Grid
1" Airflow Top Layer
1" MaxChill Layer
1" Tranquility™ Transition Foam
4" FlexSpring Technology Core
4" Durable Premium Base
The Hub
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Perfect for one sleeper, even better for two

couple in bed with different temperature readings

No more blanket hogging or thermostat squabbles. Each side of the Pod can cool or heat to 55°-110°F. The Pod detects when each person falls asleep, automatically adjusts temperature through the night, and turns on and off based on your individual schedules.

Temperature autopilot

Your perfect temperature, set automatically

Temperature Autopilot is a proprietary algorithm that improves your sleep by creating the optimal microclimate for your sleep. Autopilot learns what you need based on your biometrics, and automatically adjusts temperature through the night to give you deeper sleep and higher recovery.

Autopilot app screenshot

Autopilot takes into account various factors that help the Pod identify what’s best for you

Sleep iconYour historical sleep patterns

Sleep iconPrevious temperature preferences

Sleep iconReal-time weather and room temperature

Sleep iconYour feedback and input over time

What's in the box

Parts of the Pod 3 laid out side by side

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Pod 3 Mattress

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