Best Products for Sleeping Cool

While there are many tips you can use to stay cool at night, they won’t help much if your sleep products are the main culprits causing you to sleep hot. Check out the list below of the top five products to help you sleep cool.


1. Cooling mattress    

One of the best mattress tips is to purchase mattress that offers proper breathability. But, with all the advances of technology, there are now solutions that go beyond that. One example is the Pod, the only mattress that dynamically cools to as low as 55 degrees on each bed side. This allows for the maximum cooling to keep you comfortable all night long. A cool mattress can make all the difference in sleep quality. If your mattress does not allow for proper airflow, there’s no way you’ll be able to make it through the night without sweating. 


2. Cooling pillow

Some foam pillows are available with a cooling gel layer on one side so you don’t constantly have to flip the pillow over during the night. For those that want a cooling pillow tailored to them, the Cool Pillow by Eight is a great option. It’s a customizable pillow that offers 9 possible comfort setups and is constantly cool to the touch. Rather than one simple gel layer, this pillow provides the utmost cooling with its highly breathable layers and cooling nylon material.


  • 3. Cotton pajamas
  • If you don’t feel comfortable sleeping naked, going to bed in a pair of cotton pajamas will help you stay cool. Cotton On offers a variety of options for both men and women in many styles. Bamboo cotton is a top quality material to help you stay cool at night. While materials like silk might be more appealing, cotton pjs are far more comfy, breathable, and prevent you from waking up drenched in sweat.


  • 4. Cotton sheets and pillowcases
  • Like pajamas, your sheets and pillowcases should be 100% cotton as well. Since cotton is both soft and lightweight, it’s an extremely breathable material. The organic 300 thread count sheets from Eight ensure you sleep comfy and cool.


  • 5. Cooling eye mask
  • Wearing a sleep mask to bed can not only block out light that prevents you from falling asleep, but masks with cooling gel can actually help you sleep cooler. Choose a cotton sleep mask with removable cooling gel packs for each eye.  As an added bonuses, many cool sleep masks can also help prevent puffy eyes.

    By choosing the right sleeping products, you can stay cool all night long.

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