Foam Vs. Gel Mattresses

It can be challenging enough deciding between an innerspring or a foam mattress. But when you throw gel in the mix, the decision can become even more confusing. Eight is here to help. Here are the differences to consider between a foam and a gel mattress:



Both foam and gel mattresses are made from viscoelastic, a material that reacts to weight and body temperature. Gel foam mattresses, however, are infused with, what else, gel. This gel is often throughout the entire mattress but sometimes is only found in one layer.

Eight is unique in that it has four high density foam layers that make up the mattress.

–2” of latex-like foam (responds like latex but provides better support and breathability)

–2” of memory foam (provides the right comfort and support)

–2” of transition foam (equally distributes weight and lets the mattress adapt better to your sleep position)

–4” of support foam (guarantees the right support and durability of the mattress)



Foam mattresses like Eight’s mattress provide support to your entire body so you never wake up feeling sore. Foam does not transfer movement easily, so you won’t be disturbed by a partner’s tossing and turning. Memory foam is the perfect balance between firm and soft. Memory foam mattresses not made with the right type of foam can cause people to sleep warm.



The main difference from foam mattresses is the inclusion of gel. Gel added to foam allows heat to escape that in poorly made memory foam mattresses could cause you to become too hot during the night, making it hard to sleep.  Gel mattresses feel cool when you first lay down on them, but that feeling may only last a  few minutes since the gel takes on the temperature of the environment it is in.


The Verdict

The main difference between the two types of mattresses is in heat retention. Gel infused foam mattresses aim to make you sleep cooler, but they do not necessarily stay cool.  Our mattress is designed to stay cool overnight thanks to its premium materials and composition.  If you purchase a top quality foam mattress like the Eight mattress, there is no need for gel in the mattress. Still can’t decide which type of mattress is right for you? Sleep on it. Eight offers a 100 night trial for you to try our unique foam mattress for yourself.

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