How A Smart Bed Helps You Sleep Better

Each person sleeps differently, so in order to sleep well, you need a bed that can be made unique to you. Smart beds like Eight’s cater to your sleep and help you sleep better by identifying and fixing the factors that can negatively affect sleep.

Wondering what the Eight Smart Bed can do for you? Keep on reading. . .

1. It perfects the temperature

Brides aren’t the only ones who hate cold feet. Sleeping at the wrong temperature can prevent or disrupt sleep. Eight’s Smart Bed can tell you what temperature you sleep best at, and you can adjust it accordingly. Eight’s smart bed also has a warming feature that can be adjusted individually on each side of the bed so you achieve the right bed temperature for optimal sleep. The app also measures the temperature of your room so you know what the temperature should be in order to rest well. 

2. It identifies factors that affect sleep

Eight’s Smart Bed gives you a detailed report of your sleep each night. If your sleep is frequently disrupted, Eight’s app shows you how to sleep better. The unique energy experiment in the app monitors energy inputs such as sleep, caffeine, and exercise during the day to help you better understand your sleep. Using this information, it also calculates the exact amount of sleep you need to feel your best. 

3. It helps you fall and stay asleep

It can be hard to fall asleep listening to your partner’s snores or late night sirens. Eight’s Smart Bed makes it easy to block out these noises. It connects to the Eight app which features a variety of relaxing white noises known to induce a peaceful snooze. 

4. It provides information so you know which sleeping position is right for you

The sleep tracking feature on the Eight app allows you to see your time slept and how much you tossed and turned during the night. If you find you’re tossing and turning a lot when you sleep in one position, the smart bed allows you to see when it’s time to try a new sleeping position. 

5. It wakes you up lightly

The unique Eight smart alarm wakes you up in your lightest sleep stage within a half hour of when you set your alarm, so you wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy. We believe that a good night’s sleep ends in the morning. We built a product that will help you wake up feeling great. 

6. It integrates into your life

The Eight Smart Bed comes with a smart cover that fits onto your bed like a fitted sheet. Connect it to your WiFi and you’re ready to go. Nothing to wear around your wrist or charge at night. All you have to do is lie down on bed. The Eight Smart Bed seamlessly integrates with almost any smart product in your home, like your Nest or smart coffee maker. A bed that starts brewing your coffee when you get up? Count us in! 

Get your best night’s sleep on the smart bed that’s smarter. Buy your Eight smart bed here.

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