The Secrets of Cool Sleeping

It seems that there are many nights we wake up covered in sweat. It is a fairly common issue, and while there are several possible causes for sweating at night, most obviously warm weather, we may not always know how to actually fix the issue. Learning how to sleep without sweating doesn’t have to be a big mystery. Check out these five useful secrets to help you sleep cool every night.

Cool down before bed

Your habits before bed significantly affect how you sleep during the night. If you already refrain from exercising at night but still sleep hot, there’s another trick to try. Rubbing some ice or cold water on pressure points such as your wrists and temples helps to lower your body temperature. This way, you can fall asleep and sleep cool.

Wear your birthday suit

Maybe the most exhilarating but obvious secret to sleeping cool is to sleep naked. Clothes trap in heat and moisture, making you sleep hot. Ditching your pajamas in lieu of nothing is not only freeing, but it’s a fast way to a cool sleep. If you prefer to wear clothes to bed, just make sure to opt for breathable fabrics like organic 100% cotton.

Take it downstairs

You probably know that heat rises, but it is easy to forget this simple, 3rd grade science fact when hot nights roll in. A big secret to sleeping cool is to sleep in the lowest possible area of your house. When the temperature rises, your mattress should lower. While it’s not feasible for everyone to bring a mattress downstairs during hot nights (specifically those of us who live in apartments), you can still sleep on a downstairs couch or even physically lower your bed frame if possible. Bear in mind that north facing rooms also tend to have a lower temperature.

Zip it, lock it, put it in the freezer

A simple but clever trick to help you avoid sleeping hot is to freeze your fabrics. It may sound unconventional, but it works well. Take your bedsheets, and even pajamas and pillowcase if you like, and put them in a sealed gallon bag. Afterwards, simply set them in the freezer for a few hours. Take the bag out about a half hour before you plan on going to sleep. Fabrics at the right temperature will feel cool to the touch, and your body will want to fall asleep right away.

Ditch the heat trapping bed

The secret is out: your bed is likely the number one culprit of you sleeping hot. If you’ve tried other methods to no avail, it might be time to get a new, high quality mattress with improved airflow. A cooling mattress like the Pod is a great option since it offers premium materials paired with a layer of technology that can cool down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit – and stay that cool all night! You’ll never be able to sleep if you have a hot bed or high room temperature, so try switching to a cooler bed.

Sleep well, not hot.

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